Monument Masters Gas Engineer / Plumbers Tool Case

Monument Masters Gas Engineer / Plumbers Tool Case


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The MAST20187I Gas Engineers / Plumbers Toolbag has been designed by Monument with the help of the Monument Masters - groups of professional gas and heating engineers helping Monument to design the next generation of hand tools and equipment and to ensure that all these product “make the job easier for the engineer”

  • One main central pocket and two fold down outer flaps. Outer flaps fold down for stability so the bag does not topple when the flaps are opened.

  • Outer diagonal velcro pocket for Gas Test Gauge fits Monument 30mb Manometer; ideal for the gas engineer to have all testing equipment in the same bag and pocket angled upwards so the manometer will not fall out.

  • Main compartment has adjustable velcro dividers allowing for Flue Gas Analyser and Printer to be positioned and stored at the bottom of the compartment yet proving protection and additional space above.

  • Pocket for Flue Gas Analyser probes ensuring these are separated from the rest of the tools within the bag.

  • Rugged waterproof rubber base ensures bag and contents stay dry - the base will not absorb water.

  • Two end pockets for such things as propane or Mapp//Pro gas cylinder and torch.

  • Padded tablet / iPad pocket gives protection away from the rest of the tools.

  • Internal document zipped pocket correctly sized for A4 Gas Safety Certificates or other paperwork.

  • Fifteen (15) assorted small internal pockets.

  • Twelve internal pockets in one outer zipped flap are designed for hand tools (pliers, pipe cutters, valve keys, hex keys etc and accessories; this zipped flap is designed with a deeper base so the toolbag has greater capacity.

  • Three others small internal pockets are located inside the other outer flap. These can hold such tools as Monument Autocut or slices. The pockets are positioned low down so that the zipped pocket for the Flue Gas Analyser Probes sits above these pockets.

  • Double stitched strap and shoulder pad with strong velcro closing handles ensure the bag is comfortable to carry both in the hand and on the shoulder.  


Designed For the Trade, By the Trade.

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